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How To Become An Auto Broker

Learn all the techniques to master the process of negotiating a vehicle on behalf of your buyer and to become the best auto broker in your area.

A growing number of auto shoppers, who more and more present a lack of time and patience for buying cars, has developed an interest in hiring a professional to spend the hours and the negotiation hassle in the dealership in their behalf. And because this service has grown on a large scale, a segment in the auto sales industry has emerged to search the nation for the perfect vehicle with the best payment for the consumer.


How To Become An Auto F&I Manager: Auto Finance And Insurance Manager

The F&I Manager job is an incredible opportunity to grow and learn in the auto-sales industry. Learning to sell financing and insurance products can open many doors for you in your career, whether you stay in the auto sales industry or pursue another career, such as financial services, or the insurance industry. This position is one of the most sought-after jobs in the auto sales industry, mainly because it offers many incredible benefits and its status as an important part of the dealership and an important part of any automotive career path…


The Essential Auto Dealership Guide

A guide and reference book for all you need to know. Familiarize and memorize with this extensive book.

You’ve just completed your intro to the auto sales dealership training, and you have a billion words and definitions and forms spinning around in your head. Would I go to the Title Clerk or the Accounts Payable clerk for this? Am I supposed to fill out a We Owe Form or a Rebate Form right now? It’s impossible to remember it all at once….


The A-Z’s of The Auto Sales Industry:

The Ultimate Auto Dealership Dictionary

Many of us have dictionaries in our homes. They provide easy access to most of the entire collection of words and their definitions in a language. However, among the very few words not included in most of these are the words of a trade, the jargon of an industry.That’s where FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER comes in. A traditional dictionary won’t be able to tell you what a Balloon Payment Contract is,…


How To Become An Auto Sales Associate

Learn and master how to be a successful, well trained, and engaging Auto Sales Associate.

Fast Sales Training Center prepared this E-Book with the most common terminologies, procedures, and paperwork used on a daily basis by the sales department in an auto dealership. Being an Auto Sales Associate who has mastered the sales process, you will be able to perform in your job easily and successfully….


How To Overcome Auto Sales Objections

Learning how to overcome the buyer’s objections is the key to closing the sale. A successful sales associate knows that objections are simply the manner in which buyers communicate their status in the buying process. When the sales associate learns how to overcome objections and turn or create them to his/her advantage, the number of closed sales will be increased. As a sales professional, it is absolutely vital to understand and to be prepared for the most common sales objections. Mastering every detail and feature of the vehicle is important, but knowing and understanding the true reason for the buyer’s objection is equally crucial.


How To Improve Auto Sales Phone Skills

How are your auto sales phone skills? Still, answering all your incoming sales calls using a phone script for each and every sales call? Let’s face it. Transforming sales leads into dealership appointments and converting these appointments to sales is the biggest challenge dealers and their management teams must face. The truth is, it is not your ability to speak on the phone that matters but your ability to convert these opportunities into sales.