Meet Andrew and Curtis. They ventured into the auto sales industry.

Curtis undertook some sales course to get going in the auto industry and Andrew engaged in our online course “Getting Prepared and Familiar to the Car Sales Industry”.

Through this online course, he discovered:
  • 14 steps of a successful sales process
  • The best way to handle all paperwork involved in an auto sales transaction
  • The auto sales associate job description
  • A daily routine that guarantee successful deals
  • Appropriate presentation
  • Techniques to turn around objections to profit
  • How to captivate customers from the moment they walk in
  • How to overcome the most challenging question “What is your best price?”
  • How to profile his buyers and click on the buyer’s motivation button
  • How to make the customers feel the vehicle
  • Evaluating techniques that helped him relate to customers efficiently

This online course enhanced Andrew know-how, salesmanship, and productivity. He is riding on the Fast Lane enjoying fast sales.

When Curtis noticed his friend’s ability to close many sales, he asked Andrew how he could be so successful. Later he joined in our online course without a second thought.
Now Curtis’ earnings show the lessons he has learned from us, just like Andrew.
Want to join on the Fast Lane and enjoy fast sales?
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Course Curriculum

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  • 60 Days
  • $199.00 per 60 days
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