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Let’s face it! it is not uncommon for some owners to trade up to a new vehicle, with more upgraded options, as early as their first oil change.
The truth is that satisfaction is the key to increase sales.
Satisfied customers are much more likely to be faithful to your store and to consider another purchase.
But the problem is, most clients are not looking to buy a vehicle, they are there for service!
And because of that, if the word ‘sales’ are mentioned to the service customer, the chances of a sale will most likely end at this point.
What is needed is a dedicated person for this program with the right verbal skills and knowledge. It is also very crucial to have a system in place for this type of customer.
Isn’t it time you become a well prepared V.E.P. – Vehicle Exchange Program Acquisition Manager?

The Complete Guide to The Vehicle Exchange Program is a cutting-edge course designed to train and prepare you to manage and be a successful V.E.P. Acquisition Manager in your dealership.
We will teach you everything from how to reach out to your customers in the service area in an appropriate manner to how to convert these service customers into successful sales.

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Time: 60 days

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