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Is Auto Sales the Right Career for me?

If you have great motivation, the right attitude and the adaptation, this is definitely for you. Of a truth, this is a career where you will be employed by a company (dealership), but it is like if you were your boss without the best part, making any investments. You will have minimum supervision with some supports. By the end of the day, if you go to work with the right attitude and with the rights skills and knowledge, you will get what it takes!

Here at Fast-Sales-Training Center, we will help you to acquire all the necessary skills to be very successful and to make a very profitable and rewarding career.

Is it Worthy to Sell Cars?

If you are successful – yes, it is worthy to sell cars. No doubt, that’s what you will learn from us at Fast Sales Training Center. Of course, there is a simple formula that applies to this career in general. It is obvious that 20% of the salespeople make 80% of the commission and there are three groups of car salespeople:

  • ‘I will quit, or I have already quitted, because I made no money.’
  • ‘I am stopping here because of low benefits since I barely made money to pay my bills.’
  • ‘I make average 6 figures a year and often, I can make my schedule!’

For Fast Sales Training Center, we never consider being part of group 1 or 2. We will always prepare you to be part of group 3!

What are the cons?

Like all other careers, you will always find some downsize in the auto sales business. You will work long hours, on weekends and on some holidays. You will have days off but most likely not consecutive days and sometimes, only during the week, and if your customer can only come back to close the deal when you are ‘finally’ off, you can split the commission with a co-worker, or you will have to go to work on your day off for a few hours.

Can I Work Part-Time Bases?

It is very unusual for an auto salesperson to work on part-time bases or on a seasonal job. In this business, you have to be aware of your inventory, and you have to be at work to meet new clients. This way you will acquire more productive knowledge, and you will build your client portfolio. At Fast Sales Training Center you will learn how to create a lifetime and repeat business with your customers and referrals, no matter where you are working.

Should I Work for a Big Dealer only?

In general, a franchise store will provide better organization, sales process and more clients walking to the showroom. This means more traffic and higher opportunities for you to close more sales. Like any job, you should consider many options before you apply for any position. Don’t be afraid to do your homework: mystery shop, stop by, observe the store routine, talk to other salespeople and you will have an idea the place where you will fit better. We will prepare you to be an auto-sales professional, not just a car salesperson.

How can I Get a Job in the Auto Sales Industry?

For unprepared people, the first time is tough, because of lack of experience. So it is important to get your foot in the door and make sure you have a good impression, a good resume, a good and professional email response to the hiring manager, sounding professional on the phone, looking presentable and making sure the interviewer would buy a car from you.

As part of Fast Sales Training Center seminar, we teach our candidates how to master all the above listed methods/ formula and more. We as well, teach what the sales manager wants to hear from you like:

  • You are an ambitious professional
  • You like to professionally work hard and win
  • You need this job for you and your family
  • You ARE ALREADY TRAINED and you learned how to close the sales. Therefore, you can describe all things you will learn when you join win and seminar. This will impress your interviewer very much!

Do I Need to Have Experience in Sales?

When you join our program, we will teach you effective sales techniques. That is, how to apply for jobs, how to interview as well as, intimate you on the forms you will use in the sales process. So, you will need to bring your right attitude/positivism and we will teach you the rest for you to get your first job.

Do I Need a Valid Driver's License to Apply for an Auto Sales Job?

Yes, this is mandatory because it is part of your job to drive the dealership cars and to take your clients for a test drive.

How do Car Salespeople Get Paid?

It varies by the structure the dealer has employed. Below are the major different pay structures (some can be combined):

  • Mini Deals: Set commission paid per car sold regardless whether the sale was profitable or not.
  • Gross Profit Percentage: Set percentage you can get paid out of the profit after all expenses.
  • Unit Bonuses: A special bonus the dealer will sometimes offer to their sales staff.
  • Gross Bonuses: Another exceptional bonus based on a goal set by your management.
  • Aftermarket/back-end spiffs: This is basically when your management sets some goals about the F&I products and services to be sold, and you can make a bonus or a commission if you structure into your deal.
  • CSI Bonuses: Some dealers will pay you a special bonus if you receive an excellent review from your clients.

What if I Don't Sell Enough Cars?

In most cases, you will still get paid as usual, a minimum wage or a flat per week, which will be discounted from your total commission. This is called a draw. That’s why it is crucial to set your goals and plan before you go to work every day. Fast Sales Training Center Sales Seminar will teach on how to find an opportunity and close the deal even on the days that you talk to a very limited number of clients.

Why is Fast Sales Training Center important to dealerships?

In reality, today, spending quality and quantity time with your salespeople requires time. As a Sales-Manager you are in charge of closing every possible deal that is brought to you. So, you need to be there for your staff.

Fast Sales Training Center will prepare your new hires for you and refresh the salespeople who are already working for you and just need a new push with new techniques to close more deals.

How Much does the Online Fast Sales Training Center cost?

Each online course price is found on the online courses main page.

Who are the Fast Sales Training Center Trainers?

Our team leader is Elvis Rodriguez, who brings 30+ years of a proven successful career in the automotive sales industry. Elvis and his team of professional trainers will not only teach you using the books but also out of their many personal experiences. Indeed, you will be delighted to get what they have to teach you!

What can I Expect when I Complete my Auto Sales training?

Fast Sales Training Center will provide with a letter of reference for you to take to your job interview with a completion of our seminar certificate. We will give you support with any question you have, even when you are already employed. This is because we love our former candidates!

Auto Salespeople have a Bad Reputation. Why?

In most instances, it is not their fault. Lack of preparedness, training, and understanding of the business, creates sales professionals that cannot communicate properly with their clients. Of course, the automobile-sales industry is like any other business with a purpose: ‘be profitable.’ Otherwise, it would be a charity. Customers know that but they also know that they should expect respect, understanding, and help from their salesperson; after all, you are the professional, helping your customer to make a wise decision. Being professional, successful and able to make an excellent paycheck doesn’t mean being greedy and dishonest. Only a small percentage of people in the auto-sales industry, like in much other business, is unprofessional and selfish.

We will teach you how to be profitable, grow in your career and perhaps, be promoted to a management position without losing your integrity and professionalism.

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