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The A-Z’s of The Auto Sales Industry:

The Ultimate Auto Dealership Dictionary


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“The A-Z’s of The Auto Sales Industry” Introduction:

Many of us have dictionaries in our homes. They provide easy access to most of the entire collection of words and their definitions in a language. However, among the very few words not included in most of these are the words of trade, the jargon of an industry. That’s where FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER comes in. A traditional dictionary won’t be able to tell you what a Balloon Payment Contract is, but The A-Z’s of the Auto Sales Industry will. It’ll also be able to tell you what everything else means in your job in the Auto Sales Industry. The A-Z’s of the Auto Sales Industry was created with the express purpose of assisting all of those who aren’t comfortable with the jargon of the auto sales industry just yet. Whenever you come across a word that you’re unfamiliar with, just take a peek at your copy of this book and check what it means.