Automotive Salesperson Relocation Program

Looking to Sell Cars in Southern Florida?  Tired of the cold weather and looking forward to enjoy the beautiful Miami Beach area?

Benefits of Relocation Program

Job Assistance

Assistance in Finding a Place to Live

Full Training Package of How To Sell Cars

Looking For a Career that can Make You Big Money?

No Experience Needed

Get a paycheck weekly or biweekly. Total commission is given once a month. Benefits include health insurance, dental/vision, 401K Plan, paid time off, paid vacation, traffic, leads, and much more.

The auto dealership provides the buyers, inventory, sales process and managers from all departments to assist you in closing the sale.

The automobile dealership industry is the advantage you need to fast track your progress and desired income, and you can get started right now through Fast Sales Training Center’s online courses. Whether you are fresh to the automobile business or a veteran, you can learn the steps to success in auto sales or refresh and increase your knowledge.

We at Fast Sales Training Center are here to assist you in Getting Started!

Please send us your information and one of our associates will contact you.

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