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Fabio Rojas

Hello everyone,

“I was working for Coral Springs Honda as a Sales Specialist for 8 months and selling around 20 cars a month when Mr. Elvis Rodriguez from Fast Sales Training Center came aboard to help the dealership to grow in sales and help sales associates to become better. Once I met him, we clicked right away because of his professionalism and personality. I started watching him on how he closes every single deal he touches and the way he does it is amazing. So I asked him to train me more so I could get to the next level. He taught me things that I didn’t know, for example, the tools to do a successful following up with my customers. Since my training with Elvis, my sales per month increased a lot: I sold, on my first month 36 cars, and on my second month 32 cars! After that, the dealership sent me to finance school and now I’m working in the finance department. I will always be thankful to you Elvis, for teaching me on how to be a much better professional!”


Fabio rojas

Fabio Rojas F&I Business Manager

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