Fast Sales Training Center was established in 2006 by experienced professionals who have been in the auto sales industry for over 35 years. All those years have taught us one thing: training is an essential tool in the auto sales industry for the auto sales professionals who seek to better their ability, achieve their goals, and to be more successful in the daily tasks and objections that this exciting career offers.

We offer some fantastic teaching techniques that help make our trainees very successful and stand above all other trainees for the position desired and deserved. Our training has a coaching style and a fine-tuned energy which carries over to our trainees, converting them into aggressive and well-trained machines full of enthusiasm and drive.

We feel confident that our comprehensive online courses and books which we prepared for our trainees will help them have the advantage over the competitive job market. The highly marketable training acquired through our online courses is not only useful for auto sales but is a tremendous asset to those in any business including both services and product-related fields including both blue and white-collar jobs.

Our Mission

The mission of Fast Sales Training Center is to train, qualify, and place the right people with the right job in the car sales industry.

Fast Sales Training Center, with its experience and absolute knowledge of the car industry, provides to each of our trainees an in-depth dynamic training and, preparing each one from the job interview to making car sales not just a job but a successful and rewarding career. In other words, Fast Sales Training Center prepares you to be successful through our unparalleled online training courses and coaching seminars.